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Svyatoslav Stepanov
Svyatoslav Stepanov

Data Download TikTok: What You Need to Know Before You Request Your Data

You can request a copy of your TikTok data and download information like your profile (username, profile photo, profile description, and contact info), your activity (videos, comment history, chat history, purchase history, likes, and favorites), and your app settings (privacy settings, notification settings, and language settings). The steps to download your TikTok data are the same for both iPhones and Androids.

data download tiktok

Download apk:

If you're concerned about your privacy, TikTok might not be the app for you. Its shady practices with user data have been the subject of concern, criticism, and even legal action by the US government. Then again, it's just so addicting. If, like me, you're not going to stop using TikTok anytime soon, you should at least know how to view the personal data it has collected on you.

TikTok includes three main categories of data it allows you to download: "Your Profile," "Your Activity," and "Your App Settings." Unfortunately, unlike other social media apps, you can't pick and choose the data you want to receive. It's all or nothing. Here's what you can expect to see in your report:

First, head to your profile, then tap the vertical or horizontal ellipsis in the top right. Next, tap "Privacy and safety," then "Personalization and data." Now, tap "Download TikTok Data." Once the page loads, you'll see a list of the data your request will contain, which we covered in the section above.

You'll find a large, red "Download" button at the bottom. You only need to tap that button once to begin the request. TikTok will switch over automatically to the "Download Data" tab, with your pending request visible on-screen. Once your data comes in, you'll find it here. Just make sure to download it fast, as TikTok will remove it only four days after it's created.

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You don't have to keep checking "Download Data" to see if your download is ready. The app will send you a notification whenever it's finally available, and you can expect that alert to end up in the "Inbox" tab in the "Account Updates" activity.

So if there's one piece of information we'd like to see TikTok include here, it's how many TikToks you've watched and which ones. The report may very well contain that information, but TikTok hasn't responded to us yet about it, and we've yet to receive any data dumps we've asked for in the app.

Whenever someone completes your Instant Form, TikTok Ads Manager will capture their lead data. You will need to access the lead data in-order to follow up with your prospective customers. There are several ways to do this:

While you can manually access and download leads data, it can become hard to manage and follow up with your customers in a timely manner. This is why we recommend you integrate your leads data with a CRM.

When you integrate your CRM with your leads data, you will be able to automatically sync your leads data to your CRM in real-time. This increase in operational efficiency will allow you to spend time doing what matters most, connecting with your customer.

Now, we're ready to make a beta version of our platform research API available. To get started, we've asked members of our Content and Safety Advisory Councils with expertise in misinformation, violent extremism, hateful behavior, and emerging technologies to test an early version of our platform research API. They'll have access to public data as we gather their feedback on usability and the overall experience. We're dedicated to hearing and incorporating feedback from testers and creating an API that will meet the needs of the scientific community while respecting the privacy of our community.

In what will come as little surprise, TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2020, according to the latest App Annie download charts for 2020, which look at comparative, year-on-year performance for apps on both iOS and Android.

As you can see here, included within App Annie's 2020 mobile app report, they've listed the top ten apps of the year in terms of 'Total downloads', 'Consumer spend' and 'Monthly active users'. The information is based on App Annie's data tracking, which is not as reliable as official users counts posted by the companies themselves, but it is indicative enough to provide an overview of comparative performance in the market.

As you can see, both TikTok and Zoom have seen signficant increases in download activity in 2020 - with Zoom rising 219 spots on the downloads chart. Telegram has also moved up ten spots, while Messenger slipped five places in comparison to last year.

There's a heap more app performance data in the full report from App Annie, which you can download here (with email sign-up). If you're looking to get a better understanding of app usage trends, it's definitely worth a look.

In the end, I proved I was the rightful owner of the data by attaching my IP address to the request, along with a code identifying my iOS device, called the ID For Vendors (IDFV). This code allows app developers to recognise the same device across different apps. For example, if four apps made by the same developer are installed on a single device (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger), the developer can link all profiles to the same user.

The video history file came as no surprise. But I was genuinely shocked by the amount of data being tracked and monitored while I was simply watching videos on my phone. The file recorded all my actions in the app and time-stamped them. It also knew my device type and screen resolution, telephone operator, operating system, IP address and another device identification code (different from the one I provided in my request).

For example, it recorded when I was searching or playing a video, plus many other variables that were not explained by TikTok in their privacy section. In 2018, I requested my data from Amazon and obtained a similar table with all the products I searched for, clicked on, bought or saved.

According to SensorTower estimates, the total number of TikTok downloads has reached 3 billion, making it the most downloaded app in Q1 and Q2 2021. TikTok is the first app outside of Facebook to reach the milestone of 3 billion downloads.

In February 2019, TikTok reached its first billion downloads. The app took just under eight months to gain half a billion more. These figures are nothing short of impressive, considering that the app was launched only as recently as 2016.

The surge in downloads is most likely a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Under lockdown, consumers were spending increasingly more time on their mobile phones and seeking out entertainment and new ways to stay connected, which in turn, drove TikTok downloads.

TikTok is the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store in Q2 2022, with over 60 million downloads in a single quarter on iPhone and iPad devices (Sensor Tower, 2022). The app strongly beats out CapCut, Google Maps, YouTube, and Instagram, which round out the top five.

The latest statistics show that TikTok was particularly popular in South America towards the end of Q3 2020. The app was downloaded from the Google Play store 3.08 million times in Brazil in the month of September alone (Statista, 2020).

TikTok is only the second app after Facebook to cross 3 billion all-time downloads. As per the latest reports, TikTok was downloaded 246.9 million times globally as of the first quarter of 2023, which is a 19.7% growth from the fourth quarter of 2022.

All buttons and texts on the embedded video are interactive. By tapping on them, the user will be linked directly to the corresponding content page on The "Discover more on TikTok" button at the bottom of the embedded card will either link users to the Trending Page if the user is browsing on desktop, or deeplink users to the TikTok product page on the App Store / Google Play if browsing on a mobile device.

For one, the move risks alienating the many young people who have come to rely on the app for meaningful connection, and in some cases their income. It also does little in the way of ensuring better future data privacy and protection for users.

Allegations that China-based employees at ByteDance had accessed the TikTok user data led to TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew appearing before Congress in March amid yet more calls for it to be banned, and reports of the Biden administration pushing for its sale.

The underlying issues of data security will persist beyond a TikTok ban. If data security really is the main concern, policymakers should address the problem comprehensively and systematically across social media platforms.

The bill makes it illegal to download TikTok in the state, with penalties of up to $10,000 a day for any entity, such as Apple and Google's app stores or TikTok itself, that makes the popular video-streaming app available.

Brooke Oberwetter, a TikTok spokesperson, said the bill's backers have admitted that there is "no feasible plan" for putting the TikTok ban in place, since blocking downloads of apps in any one individual state would be almost impossible to enforce. Oberwetter said the bill represents the censorship of Montanans' voices.

Yet supporters highlight a 2017 Chinese intelligence law that requires private companies to hand over data about customers to the government if Beijing ever requests such information. This comes despite TikTok's pushback that it would never comply with such a request.

Since TikTok is owned by ByteDance, the fear is that the Chinese Communist Party could request access to the 150 million TikTok accounts in America and potentially spy on U.S. citizens, or use the personal data to mount disinformation campaigns on the app.

This hits TikTok in a critical market: App analytics firm Priori Data shows that TikTok has been downloaded almost 100 million times in India in 2020 so far - the most out of 55 countries available on the Priori Data platform.

ByteDance also made headlines in November of last year for being the subject of a national security review in the United States. The investigation is said to center primarily around suspected censorship and the collection of user data.




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