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Svyatoslav Stepanov
Svyatoslav Stepanov

OF 04 In The Woods With Handsome Hiker HD.mp4 [NEW]

Let me reiterate, this hike is on private property and there are numerous "no trespassing" signs, so you should only be on the land here if you have permission. Depending on what is happening at the time with the railroad (more below in the hike brief), there may be railroad personnel along the route. If you are caught and the owners decide to press charges, you could be ticketed, fined, etc. However, there are many times that hikers pass along the route without seeing any officials and without any problem.

OF 04 in the Woods with Handsome Hiker HD.mp4

There are several other routes to Goat Canyon Trestle, all of which have their challenges. If you want to try the hike with minimizing your time hiking on private property, the route to the trestle via Mortero Palms is your best bet. Most of the hike goes through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, with 0nly the last part of the route being on private property. Know that if you do choose that route, it's a very challenging desert overland hike with boulder scrambles and minimal navigation aids. You can read about that route in Afoot and Afield: San Diego County. I've done that route and didn't feel comfortable recommending it to most hikers.

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