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Svyatoslav Stepanov
Svyatoslav Stepanov

Soul! - The Very Best Of Motown (4 CD Set) Crack

In 1960, a young singer named Etta James breathed life into a '40s show tune, putting together a soulful, string-centric arrangement and making it the title track of her debut album. James's version of "At Last" has been covered by everyone from Aretha Franklin to Beyoncé, but even among those iconic vocalists, her take stands alone. And though it never topped the charts, Etta James's single remains one of the most enduring of the 20th century.

Soul! - The Very Best Of Motown (4 CD Set) Crack

Marvin Gaye's What's Going On is one of the most crucial political albums ever, offering soulful, nuanced thoughts on the Vietnam War, environmentalism, the subjugation of inner city residents, and so many more pressing topics. The 1971 record's title track (and opener) sets the scene, with Gaye singing from the perspective of a young idealist, grappling with the ills all around him. "Mother, mother / Everybody thinks we're wrong / Oh, but who are they to judge us / Simply 'cause our hair is long?" he asks, speaking for an entire generation.

This hit song from The Gap Band's 1982 self-titled record is best experienced in its six-minute extended form, so listeners can soak in its joyful blasts of horns, worming bass, and Charlie Wilson's star-making vocals. In recent years, "Outstanding" has become a staple of samplers, being used by everyone from Tyler, the Creator to Usher to Madonna thanks to its groovy breakbeat and ebullient chorus.

Blending the disco ball shine of '70s pop music with an old school soul singer's charisma and emotive delivery, Luther Vandross emerged as a star thanks to "Never Too Much." He earned two Grammy nods in 1982, and "Never Too Much" remains a song that masterfully mimicks the intoxicating feeling of infatuation, particularly in its soaring hook.

Even though the roots of soul and funk music are very closely related, soul and funk drumming are quite different from one another. Soul music is not a drum-focused style of music; the drums simply play a supporting role in the music. On the other hand, funk music is a drum-focused style of music. In this style, you have more freedom to experiment with complexity and embellishments. 350c69d7ab




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