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Svyatoslav Stepanov
Svyatoslav Stepanov

Buy Dior Airflash Foundation

Inspired by Backstage makeup techniques and put to the test by Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, this fluid spray foundation guarantees a perfect, flawless complexion every time.

buy dior airflash foundation

The first thing I noticed when I sprayed the foundation was how fine the mist felt, which surprised me as all my past experiences with aerosol paint cans have been quite messy. (The joys of having a partner who's an artist.) I wanted to test the application of the product two ways: with a makeup brush, which I would demonstrate on the right side of my face, and straight from the can on my left.

I ended up liking the aerosol mechanism more than I thought I would, mostly because it was easier to get a natural look than with creams or liquid. Usually I pump foundation on the back of my hand and then pick it up with a makeup brush to get that lighter, even coverage . . . only to realize 30 minutes later on the train that I never wiped the leftovers off of my hand. That's what had me intrigued about the "spray" mechanism and I must say, I look forward to going about my day without worrying about foundation hands. 041b061a72




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